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We're now booking for the Fall 2019 through Spring 2020 school year. If you are the school librarian, please fill out  and submit the form on the right. That information will let us know if we're a good fit for your school. It also will give us a starting point for planning our visit together, tailoring our program to fit the needs of your students.

Our main purpose in school visits is to show kids that writing stories and illustrating them is something they can do themselves  -- and have a good time in the process! We can use THE PLOT CHICKENS to show how to write a story. Henrietta, the chicken who learned to read in SOUPERCHICKEN, writes a book and shows how to find a main character, develop a plot, and build suspense by using all of the five senses. Our presentation also shows how we combine traditional painting and digital art. We used this technique in creating THE PRINCESS AND THE PIZZA, POULTRYGEIST, SOUPERCHICKEN , THE PLOT CHICKENS, AND THE BUK BUK FESTIVAL . The illustration process for CHICKERELLA and BEAUTY AND THE BEAKS includes sculpted characters and 3-D scenery.

Our target age group is Grades 3-5. We do UP TO THREE PROGRAMS per day for groups of 75-100. Our daily fee is $2500. This includes all of our travel and lodging expenses.

Your students will get much more out of our visit if you have read one of our novels to them -- I WAS A THIRD GRADE SCIENCE PROJECT, I WAS A THIRD GRADE SPY, I WAS A THIRD GRADE BODYGUARD, A DOG ON HIS OWN, JOURNEY TO NOWHERE, WING NUT, ONE-HANDED CATCH, GUITAR BOY, ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS BLUE, or ASHES OF ROSES. If the students have read one of these books, we will feature it in our presentation and they will be able have a conversation with us about the characters and plot. Students who are prepared before our visits are animated and involved in the question and answer period with hands waving for questions up until the last available minute. That is what gets them excited about their own writing and illustrating!


EQUIPMENT NEEDED: For locations within driving distance from Rochester, NY, we bring our own laptop computer and digital projector. For schools beyond driving distance, we'll bring our laptop, but the school will provide a digital projector.

1. Two microphones
2. Small table for laptop and projector
3. Extension cord with at least two outlets
4. Projection screen
5. A room that can be darkened during the presentation.

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