The Road to Home

Since her mother passed away, thirteen-year-old Remembrance "Mem" Nye has longed for the comfort of her grandmother's arms, and help in caring for her younger brother and sister. But when her family's covered wagon reaches Rome, New York, just as the digging of the Erie Canal gets underway, Mem's father decides to delay their journey home and join the canal crew.Soon it becomes clear that Papa has no intention of making the rest of the trip to Connecticut, or of watching over his family. Mem resolves to take the children to Connecticut herself--even if it means traveling by foot with very limited funds. Will the challenges be too much for even Mem's courageous spirit?

“Fans of the previous books will be eager to learn what happens to Mem, but this well-researched story, with plenty of history about the work on the Erie Canal, also stands alone." – Booklist
"The difficulties of caring for a small child like Lily are vividly sketched, as are the travails of daily life in the early 19th century." - Kirkus Reviews
"The well-researched descriptions of Mem's journey, the town of Rome, and the living accommodations make events believable. Add to these factors a thoughtful author's note, and the result is a historical slice of life that brings the story of a young girl's coming of age to a satisfying conclusion." - The Horn Book