The Latchkey Dog

Now that Sam's mother has a job and no one is home to keep their golden retriever company during the day, it looks as though Sam will have to give up his dog, Amber. With a hand from his friend Jamie, the son of a psychologist, Sam tries everything to help Amber adapt to being a latchkey dog, from keeping the TV and radios blasting all day to walking her all night in an effort to change her internal clock. Unfortunately, Sam's mother interprets his bizarre behavior as proof that Sam himself shouldn't be home alone so often, and she makes a decision that creates even more heartache for him.

"An appealing cast of characters, the humorous yet believable situations, and a strong sense of family highlight this easy chapter book, making it a good choice as a read-aloud or a read-alone." – Booklist
"...alive with realistic, kid-pleasing antics." - Kirkus Reviews
"Laced with hilarity, the contemporary story also sagaciously addresses issues with which many of today's families must contend." - Horn Book