Pick of the Litter

Cat Corwin is eleven years old and enjoys being an only child. She has a huge room that she's making into a ballet studio and the greatest best friend in the world, Noreen. Cat also wants to have a little brother or sister, so when her mother tells her she's going to have a baby, Cat is thrilled.

Kelly and her two best friends are determined to be "the three most popular, most beautiful, most talented, and most brilliant students Riverton Junior High has ever seen," and so they decide to audition for the drama club's musical production of Cinderella . Kelly's friends get parts, but Kelly winds up on the set design and lighting crews. Her carefree grandmother, an artist herself, encourages Kelly's talent, but Kelly's mother stands in her way. She doesn't want Kelly to grow up to be like Gram--preoccupied and irresponsible.

"This well-paced story is a successful blend of dramatic realism and far-out comic touches...A good choice to encourage the middle-grade reader." - Kirkus Reviews
"A positive and upbeat story that is sure to find a large readership." - School Library Journal