A tall ghostly being is frightening the farm animals right out of the barn. It could only be the legendary poultrygeist . The animals are terrified to sleep inside the barn, but they're freezing out in the yard. It's up to two smart-aleck roosters who suspect fowl play to uncover the surprising secret behind the Halloween haunting in this hilarious tale.

From Booklist

PreS-Gr. 1. Fowl humor is once again the order of the day, as roosters Rudy and Ralph compete for the title of loudest and biggest. Most of the other animals ignore them, but Clarissa the cow and Sophie the pig insist the rowdy roosters are keeping them up at night. It's nearly Halloween, and everyone is busily making costumes when a huge figure looms up in the barn--the poultrygeist! The frightened animals flee outside, where they have their Halloween parade, but the cold finally forces them back into the haunted barn. The poultrygeist appears again; Rudy and Ralph unmask it as Clarissa and Sophie, leaving the perpetrators to find another way to quiet the roosters--at least for a time. Loud colors and fabulous digitally enhanced textures grab attention, and the silly story will please fans of Auch's Bantam of the Opera (1997) and Souperchicken [BKL Mr 15 03]. GraceAnne DeCandido