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I Was a Third Grade Spy

When Brian's dog Arful suddenly begins talking, Brian and his two friends send the dog to find out what their classmates are planning for the school talent show.

From School Library Journal

Grade 2-4-A perfectly silly sequel to Auch's hilarious I Was a Third Grade Science Project (Holiday, 1998). This book immediately engages readers with a laugh and a bit of a shock-the first chapter is narrated by Arful the dog. In the earlier title, his owner, Brian "the Brain," and his friends tried to hypnotize Arful into thinking he was a cat, but it was Josh who developed a taste for raw fish, instead. Here, Josh is returned to normal, but Arful can talk. Many short and entertaining scenes ensue as the boys try to win the upcoming talent show and send the dog to spy on the competition. The canine's perceptions and worldview, shared for the first time because of his new vocabulary, provide most of the laughs. The short chapters are narrated alternately by Josh and Arful with postage-stamp-sized illustrations at the beginning of each chapter indicating whose turn it is to "speak." The pace of the story suits the audience and the genre, and the language is well balanced throughout. This title will be a welcome addition to any collection looking for more funny, easy chapter books.
Piper L. Nyman, Fairfield/Suisun Community Library, Fairfield, CA