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I Was a Third Grade Science Project

It sure is handy having Brian the Brain for a best friend—how else would Josh have a shot at first prize in the science fair and winning tickets to Wonderland Lake? But when Brian plans to hypnotize his dog, Arfie, into thinking he’s a cat, Josh knows he can say goodbye to Wonderland Lake—this scheme will never work. The next thing he knows, Josh is climbing trees and craving raw fish sandwiches. What’s going on? Will the real science project please meow?


From School Library Journal

Grade 2-4 Josh and his best friend, Brian, the class brain, team up for their science project. While Josh takes a passive interest in it, Brian comes up with the idea of hypnotizing his dog, Arful, into thinking he's a cat. Back at school, the boys reluctantly admit the unlikable Dougie onto their team. During the course of the experiment, Josh becomes entranced by Brian's hypnotic swinging crystal. As time passes, it's hard to determine if Arful is any different, yet subtle changes in Josh's behavior begin to emerge. When they attempt to demonstrate their project at Parent's Night, it becomes clear to the boys that Josh has been inadvertently hypnotized and thinks he's a cat. Surprisingly, it's Dougie who saves the day. This well-written story is neatly constructed and has a funny, clever ending.