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Bird Dogs Can't Fly

Blue is a hunting dog who hates to hunt. Every year he dreads picking up the dead ducks and carrying them back to the boat. One day Blue's owner takes aim at a line of geese. BANG! A goose drops to the ground. Blue finds Goose alive but unable to fly. He offers to help her walk to South, a place Goose describes as warm and wonderful. The two friends set out on their journey, but South is farther away than they had thought. Weeks pass and snow begins to fall. They are hopelessly lost, but Goose's wing has healed and she is ready to fly again. Poor Blue--he can't fly, even though he is a bird dog. Will Goose leave him?

The strong theme of friendship resonates throughout this warm, comfortable story with its soft pastel illustrations. – School Library Journal
Blue's visage clearly shows his canine sadness and delight, and the brightly colored details and bold backgrounds of the pictures aptly reflect the warmhearted feeling of the story. A tale of the ups and downs of friendship that will please the kindergarten set. – Booklist
"Sure to appeal as a story of true-blue friendship." - School Library Journal