Cry Uncle!

For eleven-year-old Davey Anderson, the move to the country seemed like a catastrophe from the start. he must get used to a new school, new chores, even a "new" back-to-nature mom who insists on serving one of her 101 disastrous zucchini dishes each night. Then Davey learns that his seventy-four-year-old great-uncle Will is coming to live with them. And he's going to stay in Davey's room! What could be worse than sharing your room with a seventy-four-year-old man who sometimes forgets his own age and thinks he is your kid brother? But Uncle Will turns out to be wise and a lot of fun, whether it's plotting the perfect revenge on the mean Spider twins or planning a moonlight raid on Mom's zucchini garden. So when Uncle Will almost sets the house on fire and gets lost in the woods, Davey's desperate to find him a new place to live before Mom can put him in a nursing home. And the results are better than anyone could have expected!

"An auspicious debut novel, full of action and humor, with touches of pathos." - Kirkus Reviews
"Auch's story is laden with snug family scenes; the route Davey and his older brother Brad take toward accepting and loving Will is circuitous and believable." - Publisher's Weekly
"An impressive first novel with a welcome touch of humor and more than a little heart." - Booklist
"Middle school readers will laugh well as empathize with Davey and his growing love, understanding, and concern for his uncle. This is a promising beginning for a new author." – School Library Journal