Angel and Me and the Bayside Bombers

An unexpected stroke of luck helps Brian Hegney convince Steve Grebe to let him join the Bayside Bombers, the best soccer team in the third grade. But he doesn't have as much luck on the field, where his flubs soon get him kicked off the team. Brian lands in even more trouble when, in a moment of anger, he challenges the Bombers to a match against his team--a team that doesn't exist. With the help of his cousin Angel, Brian rounds up a group of klutzy second-graders and tries to whip them into shape. As the day of the big game nears, their chances of winning look bleak. Then Angel devises a secret plan that just might work--if the team members can remember their instructions, that is. Will their team become the bomber Busters, or will the game just be a bust?


"For an age group for which there is a tremendous need for enjoyable material, Mary Jane Auch has written a funny family and sports saga with snappy, contemporary dialogue and outrageous situations...a lot of laughter for the reader...the book is a winner." - Horn Book
"It zips along in a way that will appeal to kids new to chapter books." – Booklist
"The story will appeal to boys and girls...and to athletes and nonathletes." - School Library Journal